UK Applied Aerodynamics Consortium

The Aeronautical Journal Special Edition

AeroJ Front Cover Vol. 111, Num. 1117, March 2007

Table of Contents

Volume 111 Number 1117

D.R. Emerson, A.J. Sunderland, M. Ashworth and K.J. Badcock
High performance computing and computational aerodynamics in the UK

A.M. Savill, G.A. Richardson and W.N. Dawes
An unsteady mesh CFD simulation for Harrier hot-gas ingestion control analysis

C.B. Allen, A.G. Sunderland and R. Johnstone
Application of a parallel rotor CFD code on HPCx

P. Nayyar, G.N. Barakos and K.J. Badcock
Numerical study of transonic cavity flows using large-eddy and detached-eddy simulation

W.S. Wong, A. Le Moigne and N. Qin
Parallel adjoint-based optimisation of blended wing body aircraft with shock control bumps

A. Filippone
Prediction of aerodynamic forces on a helicopter fuselage

N. Hills
Achieving high performance for an unstructured unsteady turbomachinery CFD code

Q. Li, G.J. Page and J.J. McGuirk
Large-eddy simulation of twin impinging jets in cross-flow