UK Applied Aerodynamics Consortium


The UK Applied Aerodynamics Consortium was formed by EPSRC GR/S91123 Grant in 2004. A second grant (EP/F005954/1) was awarded in 2007 to fund a follow-on. The follow-on grant provided for 26 million allocation units on the UK national supercomputers, HPCx and Hector. Support for networking is also provided and is used to run consortium meetings and a conference.

The definition of applied aerodynamics is aerodynamics immediately identifiable as being associated with aircraft through one or more of the following:
  1. complex geometry
  2. Flight Reynolds number
  3. Coupling with other disciplines

The original consortium, with Ken Badcock of Liverpool University as Principle Investigator, used effectively the CPU time for a number of landmark calculations, generating over 40 conference and journal papers. Two major dissemination avenues used were a conference, attended by over 70 delegates, and a special edition of the Aeronautical Journal.

The follow-on consortium membership has been expanded and significantly more computing time applied awarded. Nick Hills of Surrey is the Principle Investigator of the current consortium.